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Van Doorn Global Logistics is an independent logistics service provider in the heart of Europe's largest port, Rotterdam.
With more than 30 years of experience in almost all areas of worldwide transport, we can safely say that there are no limits with regard to the possibilities for managing your logistics in the right direction. We believe in a valuable relationship with our customers, where it is paramount that the services we offer ensure that you do not have to worry about transport. Your agreements with customers determine how the cargo will be delivered; not the other way around ! Through our philosophy we offer our customers and partners the right platform for optimum performance.
Available 24/7 and for every shipment a dedicated and continuously accessible contact person is appointed, who only closes the door when the job is done.

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The transport of harmless liquids is traditionally done in 20'iso tank containers, which is a great solution, however, often also the most expensive! We use Flexibags for this form of transport, also known as flexitanks, which are tailored to the product that needs to be transported. A standard 20 'DV is used for this, which we equip with a Flexibag. without compromising tranport in iso tank containers, which is certainly a good solution if there is a two-way transport. But if there is no prododuction of liquids (and so we have a one-way transport) the use of flexibags is significantly reducing costs, while the empty container is locally returned to the carrier by which no return costs and tankrental costs are applicable. the transport in iso tank containers, where there are certainly good solutions if there are two-way transports, the transport in Flexibags is an excellent solution for transport to areas where there is no production of liquids. We offer our customers total unburdening, starting with the purchase of the high-quality Flexibags (tailored to the product to be transported), selecting a suitable container, loading at the customer's location, sea freight to the port of destination and customs clearance and delivery to recipients.

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